Project Profile

SFPUC Hetchy Capital Improvement Projects (HCIP), As-Needed Engineering Services

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Moccasin, CA
2024 Estimated
Project Cost
Project Size

Stantec (Joint Venture Partner)

The Hetchy Capital Improvement Projects (HCIP) are a $949 million, multi-year group of capital projects to upgrade numerous upcountry water transmission, hydroelectric generation and power transmission facilities essential to continued reliable delivery of both water and power. In 2018 as a Joint Venture Partner, AGS was awarded a five-year contract for as-needed engineering services for as part of this initiative including staff augmentation for various roles located at Moccasin, CA, to provide project coordination using knowledge of civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, dam, tunnel, environmental regulations, state regulatory agency permits, construction methods and geotechnical engineering design.  Construction of all the HCIP projects is scheduled for completion by 2028.  AGS’ outlined scope included minor studies, investigations, preparation of Project Management Plans and Job initiation forms. Periodically, the AGS Project Coordinator assisted other divisions in scheduling and accounting, reviewing such items as encumbrance plans, Capital Plans and Quarterly Reports

To date, the firm has provided civil engineering project coordination to manage work with professional and technical engineering consultants, contractors, SFPUC/HHWP and other agencies to ensure successful execution and satisfactory completion and closeout of the HCIP projects.

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