Project Profile

SFRP 900 Innes and Shoreline Park

San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
San Francisco, CA
Project Cost
Project Size
9.6 acres

AGS was responsible for a geotechnical engineering study at India Basin Shoreline Park (900 Innes Park) for two phases of redevelopment, including 2.4 acres of new park construction with a pier, ramp, basketball court, and bicycle path and 7.9 acres of Shoreline Park with wood deck overlook, seawalls, fixed and floating piers, and a one-story structure.   Both park spaces will meet the requirements for a 100-Year Flood Event.

The geotechnical exploration consisted of nine on-shore borings, ten CPT tests, and 6 off-shore borings to characterize subsurface conditions and develop site-specific geotechnical design parameters for existing and proposed pile foundations and earthwork operations.  AGS also performed seismically-induced lateral deformation and static global slope stability analyses of the site along several cross sections to evaluate the effects of liquefaction on-site stability.

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