Project Profile

SFO Terminal 1 Center Renovation

San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco International Airport, CA
Project Cost
Project Size
431,000 SF

Gensler-Hensel Phelps Joint Venture (Prime)

As a subconsultant to the design-build team led by Gensler-Hensel Phelps JV, AGS conducted civil and geotechnical engineering tasks to assist SFO with their new Terminal 1 Center. The project consisted of programming, design, and construction of Terminal 1’s north, south, and central areas; with a new central area improved for passenger check-in; a new security checkpoint, a recomposure area, a new common use Baggage Handling System, and baggage claims, and a new mezzanine connecting to AirTrain and the Central Parking Garage.

AGS’ provided geotechnical investigation and consultation services during the Schematic Design (SD), Design Development (DD), and Construction Administration (CA) Phases of various parts of the project. AGS performed a geotechnical investigation resulting in design-level geotechnical recommendations. AGS’ tasks included a review of geological and geotechnical data, field exploration program, laboratory testing program, and engineering analyses and report preparation.

During the SD Phase, AGS’ tasks included a review of the available geological and geotechnical data, the performance of appropriate engineering analyses based on available data, and the preparation of a report. AGS reviewed the available geologic data for the site vicinity, including historical documents and geologic reports pertinent to the site. AGS reviewed the construction drawings and geotechnical reports available, including several previous geotechnical reports by AGS for projects in close vicinity at SFO. The geotechnical information collected during the firm's review was used to perform engineering analyses, to develop preliminary geotechnical conclusions and recommendations for the programming phase of the proposed project. AGS’ geotechnical findings, conclusions, and recommendations, along with the supporting data, were presented in a geotechnical study report.

In the DD Phase, AGS’ scope of work included a review of the project drawings, a review of the specifications, and preparing five sections of the project specifications (filter fabric; dewatering; excavating, backfilling, and compacting; and excavation support and protection) for T1C, BAC Connector, T1 North, T1 South, Interim Boarding Area B (IBAB), Baggage Handling System (BHS), and the International Terminal Building Connector. AGS provided coordination between the BAB geotechnical team and the T1C architectural team for issues on the airside of the terminal.

AGS performed civil engineering tasks for the programming and conceptual design; schematic design; design development, construction documentation; and construction administration phases of the project. The firm performed utility mapping and coordination of the wastewater collection system. The firm is also provided additional services for enabling projects and out-of-scope design tasks.

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