Project Profile

SFO PMSS Superbay Hangar Fire Protection System Replacement

San Francisco International Airport
San Mateo County, CA
Project Cost
$92 million
Project Size
300,000 sf

CM Pros (Prime)

AGS provided Project Management Support Services for the SFO Superbay Hangar, a 300,000 SF Superbay Hangar occupied by United Airlines and American Airlines. Built in 1969, the hangar served as a space to perform critical aircraft and safety maintenance checks. The project scope included replacement of the existing fire suppression systems and installation of new utility infrastructure throughout the East Field, with the goal of continued and fully functional maintenance space for tenants throughout the construction phase. The multi-phased project consisted of updating the fire suppression system with a new hybrid high expansion foam and fire sprinkler system, approximately 5,000 sprinkler heads throughout the hangar including offices and other occupied spaces. The foam system had 48 foam generators that suppress any fuel-fed fires designed to stop fires from the bottom up. The wet sprinkler system was approximately 120 feet from the finished floor. Additionally, necessary upgrades and replacement of all utilities related to the system to support the project and surrounding area were constructed including a new pump house with fire pump equipment; new generators; two new fire water supply tanks; and new industrial waste system and tank were built.

As a subconsultant, AGS provided overall project and construction management expertise and oversight,  as well as geotechnical support services and field inspection services for the project.

Project and Stakeholder Coordination. As one of only four hangars in the US that can accommodate 747 aircrafts, the project team took a highly coordinated approach that allowed the tenants to continue to use the Superbay Hangar during renovation and expedited the fire suppression update. Airplane maintenance work occurred at night with construction work completed during the day. Coordination meetings were held daily to discuss the day’s plans to ensure the construction team space was cleared and out of the way for airport staff.

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