Project Profile

SFPUC San Joaquin Pipeline System Specialized Pipeline Services

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Northern California
Project Cost
$200 million
Project Size

MWH (Joint Venture Partner)

The SFPUC’s San Joaquin Pipeline (SJPL) System spans nearly 48 miles. This project upgraded the system to assure a capacity of at least 313 MGD when all pipelines are in operation. The project also added valves and crossovers to increase system capacity during maintenance.

AGS was a Joint Venture partner providing design and engineering support services, including evaluation of the San Joaquin River crossing and liquefaction mitigation design services. The firm performed geotechnical, civil, and structural engineering project tasks.

Structural engineering responsibilities for the California Aqueduct overcrossing included evaluation of pipeline thickness and value engineering of approximately 10.8 miles of 92-inch inside diameter welded steel pipeline and the design of a structural steel truss bridge (166 feet long) to support the aerial pipe overcrossing the aqueduct. Specific structural engineering tasks included response spectrum dynamic analysis and the design of the supporting steel truss bridge, the analysis and design of the supporting concrete abutments and piles, and the design and analysis of the 92-inch welded steel pipeline.

Civil engineering responsibilities included miscellaneous design of site grading, drainage, utility relocation, and fencing for the antiterrorism blast protection structure at Oakdale Portal [conceptual design by Hinman] and for the California Aqueduct overcrossing.

As part of the project, four 90-inch diameter micro-tunnels were constructed to cross major highways and railroads. The tunnel lengths ranged from 300 to 970 feet.

Geotechnical engineering subsurface exploration was performed to assess the liquefaction potential, groundwater conditions and ground instabilities. AGS’ geotechnical investigation established subsurface conditions for a proposed fourth pipeline and associated crossover facilities and provided data for the construction of:

• Two new segments of approximately 18 miles of 92-inch inside diameter welded steel pipeline

• A new Crossover Facility that would tie the existing three pipelines into the new fourth pipeline

• A new bridge overcrossing the aqueduct, blast protection structures, and miscellaneous structures

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