Project Profile

Mission Bay Shoreline

Port of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
Project Cost
Project Size
1,000 LF

Funded by the City and County of San Francisco “Clean & Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond”, the goal of this fast-track project was to rebuild approximately 1000 linear feet of bay shore and slope from Pier 52 Parking Lot to Agua Vista Park (a small landscaped park and fishing pier) allowing the Mission Bay Bayfront Park to be constructed to the water edge. The project included demolition and removal of existing unstable shore structures, repair of the existing seawall, and construction of a stable shore slope with rip rap on top for wave protection. The Mission Bay area represents one of the largest areas of historical landfill in San Francisco.

AGS was the geotechnical consultant to Coast & Harbor Engineering, Inc., who provided project geotechnical, coastal, civil, structural, and environmental permitting support services [e.g. US Army Corps of Engineers, BCDC and Regional Water Quality Control Board].

AGS staff performed a geotechnical study to explore and evaluate subsurface conditions, and develop geotechnical engineering conclusions and recommendations regarding stability of the existing shoreline and design and construction of any improvement needed at this site including rip rap revetment improvement along an existing seawall and retaining structures to increase the stability of the shoreline. Of particular importance to the design of the project was the assessment of the liquefaction potential of the fills behind the seawall and consequences of the liquefaction on the seawall and the shoreline.

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