Project Profile

City of Oakland, On-Call Construction Management

City of Oakland
Oakland, CA
Project Cost
$1.5 Million
Project Size

In 2019, AGS entered into a 3-year contract with the City of Oakland for On-Call Construction Management and Inspection Services for Citywide Capital Improvement Projects. The potential projects under this contract included: Pavement Reconstruction and Rehabilitation, Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements, Retaining wall and slide repairs, Streetlight Pole Replacement, Traffic Signal Installation, Sewer Main Replacement and Rehabilitation, Sewer Force Main Replacement and Rehabilitation, Sewer Pump Station Rehabilitation and Replacement, Storm Drain Replacement and Rehabilitation, Streetscape Improvements, Landscape Architectural improvements, Architectural building construction, Bridge construction, and Creek restoration and improvement.

To date, the firm has completed work on one task order. This project required field inspection and special inspection services for various street resurfacing, sanitary sewer, sidewalk, curb ramp, traffic signal, street lighting, and other right-of-way improvements.

The AGS Construction Manager performed the following tasks:

• Field inspection to ensure conformance with approved contract plans and specifications

• Daily inspection report preparation

• Construction schedule review

• Submittal and RFI coordination

• Material Testing/Specialty Inspection coordination

• Project communications with City Staff

• Verifying quantities to confirm Contractor’s invoiced quantities are accurate for payment to be issued by City Staff

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