SFPW is AGS' longest standing client.

From our very first project, AGS has performed hundreds of task orders for SFPW for over 38 years.

San Francisco Public Works (SFPW)
Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Management, Program Management
Public Works

AGS has been partnering with San Francisco Public Works since the firm's conception nearly 40 years ago. AGS’ first project in 1983 was the Seismic Safety Evaluation of 37 Existing Bridges for the SFPW. Since then, we have continued to provide excellent service to the SFPW. We have a thorough understanding of SFPW procedures and protocol from completing hundreds of CSOs for the agency.

AGS' civil department has designed over 40 pedestrian and bus bulb-outs for various projects. AGS has continuously revised the firm’s accessibility design guidelines in order to remain consistent with the evolving criteria required by Public Works staff.

SFPW Projects:

  • 301 Eddy St Geotech/Seismic
  • 911 Garage Extension
  • AIDS Research Center-SF General Hospital
  • Arson Task Force Seismic Upgrade
  • As-Needed Architecture/Engineering Services
  • As-Needed Civil & Environmental Consulting Services
  • As-Needed Civil Engineer Services
  • As-Needed Civil & Structural Engineering Services 2011
  • As-Needed Engineering Services for Laguna Honda Hospital
  • As-Needed Environmental Assessment and Mitigation
  • As-Needed Environmental Consulting Services
  • As-NeededEnvironmental Planning Services
  • As-Needed Geotech Engineering Services, Cayuga Playground
  • As-Needed Geotech Engineering Services, Golden Gate Park Reservoir
  • As-Needed Geotechnical Engineering Services
  • As-Needed Geotechnical Services, Oakdale Avenue Geotechnical
  • As-Needed Geotechnical Services, Bureau of Architecture
  • As-Needed GIS Services
  • As-Needed Multi-Discipline Construction Management Services
  • As-Needed Multi-Discipline Engineering Services
  • As-Needed Professional Engineering Design & Field Services
  • As-Needed Water Quality, Sediment Quality Consulting Services
  • Cesar Chavez Bicycle Bridge at US 101
  • Chinatown Park Recreation Building
  • Golden Gate Park Environmental Sampling
  • Golden Gate Park Water Corrosion Study
  • Islais Creek Pump Station Structural
  • Lake Rehabilitation, Golden Gate Park Existing Job II
  • Landslide Repair at Buena Vista Park
  • Maher Ordinance-Hazardous Materials
  • Mariposa Storage/Transport Facility - Step II
  • Mitigation of Seepage Behind Hayes Park Laundry Building
  • Moscone Center UST Removal
  • North Point Pump Station
  • Oakdale Bridge Environmental Studies
  • Pier 47A Geotechnical Study and Support
  • Pilarcitos Forebay Intake Tower
  • Pulgas Temple Dechlorination Facility
  • Richmond Community Center
  • San Bruno Jail Facilities EIR
  • San Francisco 95 Fire Cisterns
  • San Francisco Waterfront Transportation Project - Construction Management
  • Seismic Assessment of Various City-Owned Buildings
  • Seismic Retrofit of Two Pedestrian Overcrossings
  • Seismic Retrofit Study of 101 Grove Building
  • Seismic Safety Evaluation of 37 Existing SF Bridges
  • SFFD Fire Boat Headquarters/Station No 35 Renovation
  • SFFD Fire Station No 29 Renovation
  • SFFD Fire Station No 40 Seismic Upgrade
  • SFFD Fire Station No 8 Expansion and Seismic Upgrade
  • SFFD Fire Station No 8 Rehabilitation
  • SFFD Fire Station No 2, Geotechnical Construction Monitoring
  • SFFD Seismic Upgrade of Fire Station No 18
  • SFFD Seismic Upgrade of Fire Station No 34
  • SFFD Seismic Upgrade of Fire Station No 41
  • Specialized Inspection of Corroded Pipeline
  • Sunol Valley Water Treatment Plant Sludge Storage Area Stability Evaluation
  • Technical Research and Data Processing of Sewer Records
  • Third Street Bridge Geotechnical Study
  • Third Street Bridge Seismic Retrofit - Pile Driving Observation
  • Third Street Bridge Structural Peer Review
  • Turk St 911 Garage Extension Geotech Consultation
  • Twenty-Sixth Avenue/Wisconsin Traffic Barrier Wall
  • University Mound Reservoir Meter Valve Facility Design

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