AGS has a deep understanding of the Port's unique environment from working on more than 60 Contract Service Orders.

AGS has performed multiple tasks involved with upgrading the Ferry Building and many piers, seawalls, and breakwaters that serve different functions for the Port.

Port of San Francisco
Architecture, Engineering
Port of San Francisco

AGS provided civil, geotechnical, and structural engineering services to develop a Master Plan for Pier 70, a 69-acre historic shipyard. Structural scope of work included assessment of two cranes, crane #11 and crane #14 and structural evaluation of a slipway runway structure. Seismic assessment using performance base design per ASCE41-06, computer modeling, and “push-over” non-linear analysis using SAP2000 were performed for the two cranes. Civil engineering services included preparation of an existing utility plan for the site and adjacent streets, and design of proposed site utilities for the park. AGS also provided design services for the proposed storm drain system for the park, including a Stormwater Management Plan which was consistent with the San Francisco Stormwater Design Guidelines. AGS conducted a geotechnical study to assess the magnitude of the seismicity-induced deformations and their effects on the proposed development.

Task Orders:

  • As-Needed A-E Professional Services
  • As-Needed Construction Support
  • As-Needed Engineering and Related Professional Services
  • As-Needed Real Estate Economic Consulting & Related Services, Port 20
  • As-Needed Environmental and Related Professional Services
  • As-Needed Real Estate-Mixed Use Waterfront
  • Container Terminal North Modernization
  • Container Terminal North, Pier 80
  • Ferry Building Historic Renovation EIR
  • Ferry Plaza and Piers 27-29 Earthquake Damage and Repair
  • Fisherman’s Wharf Breakwater
  • Hyde Street Pier Reconstruction
  • Intermodal Container Transfer Facility
  • Mission Bay Shoreline
  • Pier 45 Redevelopment
  • Pier 45 Seismic Repair and Repair, Fisherman’s Wharf Commercial Development
  • Pier 47A Geotechnical Support As-Needed (SFDPW)
  • Pier 7 Pile Driving
  • Pier 7 Reconstruction
  • Pier 70 20th Street Plaza, Geotechnical Services
  • Pier 70 Crane Cove Park, Master Plan and Comprehensive Design Services
  • Pier 70 Seismic Evaluation
  • Pier 70 Shipyard Upland
  • Pier 70 Special Use District Phase 1
  • Pier 80 Proposed Freezer Building
  • Pier 98 Geotechnical Services
  • Pier 98 Wetland Enhancement Design – Heron's Head Park
  • Piers 94 and 96, Dredging Study
  • San Francisco Marina West Harbor Renovation (SFRPD)
  • SF Vertiport Feasibility Study
  • South Beach Park and Harbor Expansion at Pier 40

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