AGS' Satellite office in Oakland has served the City for 10+ years.

AGS' satellite office in the City of Oakland enables us to work closely with City Staff and other local clients.

City of Oakland
Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Construction Management Services

It has been AGS’ privilege to be a partner to the City of Oakland for over 15 years in support of the delivery of numerous projects and task orders. AGS has provided multi-disciplinary engineering services in civil, structural, geotechnical, and environmental engineering to the City of Oakland as part of the 2006 & 2009 awarded City of Oakland On-Call Geotechnical, Civil and Structural Engineering Support Services contracts and the 2018 City of Oakland On-Call Geotechnical, Civil, and Construction Management Services Contracts.

AGS’ Oakland office allows us to be on-site for projects and meetings easily, achieving greater efficiency in our project delivery.

AGS’ knowledge of City of Oakland’s processes, operations, and existing relationships with stakeholders, is the core benefit for each AGS-led task or project order. AGS has managed, coordinated, and successfully executed tasks for ongoing support contracts for the City of Oakland.

AGS has served as Prime Consultant for the City of Oakland's Various On-Call Engineering contracts including geotechnical, civil, and structural engineering. AGS’ multi-disciplinary services have enabled us to offer the City of Oakland a “one-stop” shop for task orders requiring various engineering support. AGS’ geotechnical division has worked on over a dozen geotechnical investigations providing a full range of unique and specialized resources to the City including subsurface investigations, analyses, recommendations, and reports; in-house laboratory testing; environmental engineering; advanced methods in geotechnical earthquake engineering, soil-structure interaction (SSI) analysis, and numerical analysis; construction monitoring and inspection; and materials inspection.

Since AGS and our key team members have successfully worked with the City of Oakland, we have a thorough understanding of the City’s design, construction, and communication standards.

City of Oakland Task Orders under the As-Needed Geotechnical Contract included:

  • 12th Street Reconstruction Project
  • 21st & Harrison Streets Installation of Siphon Structure/CDS Unit
  •  Elverton Drive Land Slippage
  • Intersection of 73rd Ave & International Blvd Stormwater Structure
  • North Oakland Sports Field Trail
  • Pile Driving Observation along the Oakland Waterfront
  • Rainbow Recreation Center Renovation and Expansion
  • Roadway Restoration at Haverhill Drive
  • Swainland Reservoir Repair
  • Roadway Restorations, Merritt Avenue and Tunnel Road

City of Oakland Task Orders under As-Needed Civil:

  • 1-7th Streets, West Oakland Transit Village - Special Testing & Inspection
  • 12th Street Reconstruction
  • Ettie Street Watershed Full Trash Capture Design
  • Roadway Restoration near 501 Merritt Avenue
  • Roadway Restoration on Tunnel Road
  • Roadway Restoration on White Court

City of Oakland Task Orders under As-Needed Structural Engineering:

  • 1-12th Streets Reconstruction-AME
  • 12th Street Pedestrian Bridge, Channel Walls & Metal Railings

City of Oakland Task Orders under As-Needed Construction Management:

  • Citywide Pavement Resurfacing


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